The sun has come back

Homesapiens on Magculture

And prompts a smile on our face.  Jeremy Leslie chats with Massimo Alvito, our editor-in-chief, and HomeSapiens magazine #02 is on magCulture’s stalls.

Éloge du désordre

After a long and fruitful gestation, HomeSapiens magazine issue #02 is finally ready to reach the desks and shelves of our readers. What happened since the first issue? Many things. First of all, HomeSapiens has met with the distinguished and passionate regard of Thomas Manss, founder of the renown London-based design firm, who joined HS project with a substantial contribute to its development. Thanks Thomas! The generous contribution of a worldwide set of authors has added a special flavour to this second issue, centered on the disruptive yet aesthetically rich power of disorder.

HomeSapiens magazine is available at Bruil, Antenne Books, and Anikibo.

HomeSapiens magazine at Printout! London

Steve Watson of //Stack and Jeremy Leslie of MagCulture invited us to the event at the Book Club in Shoreditch, London, last 6 July.
“An evening of indie publishing featuring talks, a pop-up library and general magazineyness.”

Printout London, HomeSapiens magazine

Book Club, Printout London, HomeSapiens Magazine

Book Club, Printout London, HomeSapiens Magazine

RosieRogers, Printout London, HomeSapiens magazine

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Pop-Up Magazine Store in Hamburg

Das Magazin is a project celebrating independent publishing. From October 30 a 30-days Pop-Up Magazine Store showcases selected magazines from all over the world – also featuring titles from Antenne Books.

Das Magazin facebook

Pop-Up Magazine Store
Teilfeld 8, Hamburg-Neustadt

Das Magazin & Pop-Up Magazine Store are projects by Art Lawyer

HomeSapiens magazine, Das magazin, Art Lawyer, Hamburg

We’re happy to PRESENT HS

HomeSapiens magazine in London at PRESENT, concept store in Shoreditch High Street.

Special thanks to Silvia for the reportage.


140 Shoreditch High Street


E1 6JE

United Kingdom HomeSapiens magazine, Present, LondonHomeSapiens magazine, Present, LondonHomeSapiens magazine, Present, LondonHomeSapiens magazine, Present, LondonHomeSapiens magazine, Present, LondonHomeSapiens magazine, Present, London


A very nice bookstore just opened in Glasgow (UK), and added HomeSapiens magazine on the bookshelf.
GmbH at The Modern Institute is an outlet for a wide range of magazines and newspapers from around the world.
Shop HS mag in the category Interiors.

GmbH at The Modern Institute
14–20 Osborne Street
Glasgow, G1 5QN

GmbH Facebook

HomeSapiens magazine, GmbH, GlasgowHomeSapiens magazine, GmbH, GlasgowHomeSapiens magazine, GmbH, GlasgowHomeSapiens magazine, GmbH, Glasgow


HomeSapiens, magazine, Baltimora, book fair, indipendent, publicationCreative Control hosted HomeSapiens magazine for an exhibit of indipendent publications at the Baltimore Book Festival.
Curated by Jim Lucio (Visual Arts Coordinator for the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts), Creative Control includes over 100 independent arts and culture publications from around the globe.

Baltimora Book Festival
September 24-26,
2010 Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD

Antenne Books

HomeSapiens magazine Antenne Books

HomeSapiens pulls up the Antenne in London.

Antenne Books is a London based shop and distributor for independent publications from around the world, distributing to quality retailers all over UK and Scandinavia.
Browse (and buy) HomeSapiens magazine on Antenne Books!

HomeSapiens magazine in Tokyo

Homesapiens magazineHomeSapiens magazine

HomeSapiens magazine

HomeSapiens magazine has been selected by ZINE’S MATE SHOP’s 3rd quarter.
With over 200 titles from all around the world, the shop is located inside Vacant, in Harajuku.
All selected titles will also be displayed at THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2010 (3331 Arts Chiyoda).

Zine Mate Shop


3-20-13 Jingumae
Shibuya, Tokyo


HomeSapiens magazine Ecce Home

HomeSapiens staff thanks Studio Corte 17 for having believed in Ecce Home since the beginning.

Thanks to Ilaria G., Roberta, Filippo, Elisa, Ilaria C., Sabrina, Pamela, Giulia, Enrico for their dentropie.

Special thanks to:
Chiara for her enthusiastic support – step by step, room by room.
Maurizio for his patient structural advising.
Dario for his amazing reportage.
Vito and Gianpaolo for their impeccable room moving service.

Very special thanks to Alessandro for his super-vision and to Sabrina for her stylish endorsement.

And to all friends and followers of HomeSapiens magazine