HS mag

From Home Capiens to Home Sapiens


Forget interior design. Drop people-less house visions. Seize the floating sense of a place via the unique experience of those who live in there. Get into the Home Sapience. Ecce home.

The place we live in can no longer be considered a mere container for people and objects, a Home Capiens. Home Sapiens is the shift to an integrated form of life, endowed with intelligence and soul. We feed it with our thoughts and choices, behaviors and habits, passions and desires, memories and projections, limitations and conditions. And it nourishes us tracing our living flow and rhythm. A home is thus the almost-nothing that takes us into the finite spread of an autobiographical moodboard.

HS mag

A home is not a home is not a home
Gather insights from within the place of someone you don’t know. Shift them to a story. Blend contents into a media-specific format. Add the touch of a limited print series. Ecce HomeSapiens magazine.

HomeSapiens magazine is a bi-annual publication dedicated to the variably undefined living sets we call home. Published in a 5+1-issue series, developed on a thematic content plan, featuring a compilation of stories chosen among the many possible, adding a unique tile to the changing mosaic of contemporary living narrative – all under the epitome of single themes:
Els Chomedians
Fusion Homelette
Alpha to Homega
Rhizhomes & Abdhomens
Dhomestic Moments

All along the limited series, readers will find the actual expression of the Home Sapience via the voices and portraits of a varied range of people – with no distinction of profession, social role or commitment to specific status.